The CCT is a charity committed to developing sustainable services and projects that improve the economic and social wellbeing of people who live in and around Colindale by working together with local people and a range of partners.


Something for everyone

You might be surprised what CCT offers

Here are the ways the CCT helps local businesses, organisations and charities:

  • Community Research.
  • Resident Consultation.
  • Working with developers to help meet their Planning Obligation (Section 106) outcomes concerning social and economic development.
  • Community Links – As a member of the Grahame Park Consortium, the CCT has access to groups and organisations that have lots of local experience, knowledge and resources. The Consortium can be commissioned to deliver your outcomes and targets in Colindale.
  • Community Engagement
  • Facilitation of community meetings events
  • Provision of facilities for meetings training / groups activities / hot desks/ one to one meetings.


  • Ensure the provision and management of effective community centres and facilities.
  • Identify local needs in order to influence community services.

  • Ensure partners join up to prevent duplication and maximise the benefit of working together for the benefit of the community,
  • Further the economic well-being of residents by supporting the improvement of skills, learning and routes to employment.

  • Ensure and encourage clear and accessible information and communication within the community and between agencies.

We’re getting bigger

Colindale has been identified as an area for significant strategic growth, by the Mayor of London in the London Plan. The London Borough of Barnet identifies Colindale as one of the largest growth and regeneration areas in the Borough. The London Plan identifies the Colindale area as an ‘Opportunity Area’. 

Grahame Park, RAF East Camp, Colindale Hospital, Met Police Training College, British Library, Zenith House and Barnet & Southgate College are being developed to provide a target of 10,000 homes and 500 jobs for the area.

The Colindale community will change substantially over the next 10 to 15 years with the delivery of housing, employment, leisure and community facilities.The London Borough of Barnet has a population of 356,386. Grahame Park has a population of 1,711 (2011 Census).