Colindale Communities Trust (CCT) 

Our Vision

To develop sustainable services and projects that improve the economic and social wellbeing of people in Colindale.

Our  Mission

To provide facilities for meetings, projects and people who are working for our community and be a source of information and encouragement for the people of Colindale.

Our History

CCT was set up as a result of a merger between the Wright Trust and the GPCDG (Grahame Park Community Development Group) in March 2013.

The GPCDG was set on 17th June 1999.

The Wright Trust was set up on 17th July 2003.


A Board of seventeen Trustees is responsible for the direction and strategy of CCT. The Board meets bimonthly.

The CCT provides the following services:

Pulse Outside

  •  Management of the the One Stop Shop and The Pulse Community Flat
  •  General coordination and co-operation of groups working in community  development in Grahame Park through the Grahame Park Strategy Group
  •  Provision of services to residents to enhance community links
  •  Identify community development needs within Colindale
  •  The Colindale Community Website
  •  Community ResearchersThe Concourse Grahame Park
  •  Community Garden Project
  •  The Counselling project offering free one-to-one counselling to parents and  carers with children under the age of ten for residents of Colindale
  •  Leads on Colindale Community Facilities Our Place Project